Meet the Therapists

Hillary Olsen Hilliard

Hillary Olsen Hilliard, RMT, RTT, RYT - Owner & Founder

Hillary is one of the first practitioners in the Denver area to practice and promote the amazing healing arts of Thai Massage and Thai Herbal Compresses. Hillary has had extensive training in Thailand, and her practice and teaching draws mainly from the Northern (Chiang Mai) style. She founded Textured Motion seven years ago. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Registered Thai Therapist and a Registered Yoga Therapist. She is an Approved Instructor of Thai Massage by the Thai Healing Alliance International, and her school, the Denver School of Thai Massage, is an Approved CE-Provider by NCBTMB.

Colleen Amsbury

Colleen Amsbury, RMT, RTT, RYT

Colleen is both a Thai Massage Therapist and certified Advanced Yoga Instructor with 12 years of experience working skillfully through a heart-centered approach to health of the whole person. She has studied and apprenticed with Hillary O. Hilliard in Thai Massage, and her work is enriched by the teachings of Structural Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as well as Prenatal and Restorative Yoga and her personal practice of Vipassana Meditation. She is committed to honoring wherever you are in the broad spectrum of health, addressing your unique potential to thrive. Colleen is registered with Thai Healing Alliance International and International Association of Yoga Therapists. Colleen is also a teaching assistant for the Denver School of Thai Massage.

Tanya Sheppard, DPT

Tanya Sheppard, DPT

Tanya is a Physical Therapist with 18 years of experience in physical therapy. She began volunteering and working as an aide, and went on to graduate from Chatham College in 2000 with her MPT. She returned to Chatham and graduated with her DPT in 2001. She has worked in many environments, and works to incorporate therapy into your life and make it work for you. Her continuing education includes advanced manual therapy and balance training.

Selina Borquez, LMT

Selina Borquez, RMT

Selina has been practicing bodywork for over 5 years.Massage has been a gift that continues to fascinate, challenge and inspire her. From working with clients who seek simple relaxation, to dedicated athletes needing assistance with recovery or maintenance, Selina brings all of her education, presence, and commitment to the table. It is her work, passion, and joy. She love it deeply. Selina's massage sessions are spacious and open to meeting you wherever you are, beginning before you even lie on the table. You will discuss what it is you'd like to get out of each session, along with your overall concerns and needs. Your time together is committed to you and working together to facilitate healing.