“Thai Massage transformed me into a Thai massage enthusiast of the highest order. Over a 25-year period I have tried almost every body work technique known to womankind. The Thai technique does more to enhance your body and spirit than all other techniques combined. The therapists at Textured Motion are blessings. You will want to return to them and find renewal that is predictable in your life.”
Emily Roet, Real Estate Agent, Denver

“My body was a rigid, contained, concrete vessel...polluted. My Thai massage released tension, stress, pain, and brought to the surface complete joy and peace. During my massage I felt as if I were on a journey of unknown territory into my body, trust in my therapist, aromatherapy, musical hypnosis...by the end, I felt as if I was made of a fluid vapor, floating as I walked...my feet sinking into the ground with new awareness. I will never forget the experience since it was so blessed, sacred, moving, intimate...and since I am now an addicted devotee.”
Daniel Kinkade, Art Consultant, Chicago

“Every time I have done a Thai massage with Textured Motion, I am moved back into balance in my body. What was blocked becomes unblocked, and I see with clarity where in my life I drove too hard or ignored too much. These therapists can truly hold a space where what needs to happen does.”
Cherie Tormey, Yoga Instructor and Teacher, Denver

“If you have never had the privilege and pleasure of receiving a massage from someone with truly gifted hands, then you really owe it to yourself to get a Thai massage from the Textured Motion therapists. I've been practicing massage now for almost 20 years and have met only a few people who truly have the gift, and these therapists have it. These Thai massage sessions leave my body and spirit revitalized and ready to go back to life in the everyday world with gusto. I have been working on improving my posture through yoga and chiropractic and have found that these Thai massages greatly increase the healing curve. These therapists all have gentle and compassionate spirits, I recommend them to everyone.”
Max Young, Massage Therapist/Rafting Guide, Denver

“To be at the receiving end of assisted yoga - or “assisted progressive stretching” is nothing short of amazing. Working up to this point in the massage - after Thai foot massage and various other wonderful applications - Hillary begins working the “energy lines” up and down the inside and outside of the legs, arms and back...She places cloth bags filled with steamy-warm herbs along the energy line and moves on to the next area of the body to be stretched and illuminated.”
Linda King, Journalist, excerpt from North Denver Tribune, 4/21 - 5/4, 2005

“Thai massage with Textured Motion goes beyond body work...into a realm of spiritual opening and awakening. These therapists are so present and capable that the only thing to do is melt into a relaxation of Zen-like magic. There are many people doing massage or whatever; however, there are few that have the gift of healing and balance that the Textured Motion therapists have. Don't wait...Just do it.”
Stephen McGhee, Business Coach and Consultant, Denver

“This is not your basic massage. These Thai massage therapists work on many levels to promote healing for the body and spirit. Their approach is both skillful and compassionate. My range of motion has improved, my pain is gone, and I feel emotionally and spiritually light. I would recommend Thai massage with Textured Motion for anyone who is looking for a more holistic approach to healing.”
Kim Ribich, Non-Profit Director, Denver

“The therapists' energies are pure and clean, and their abilities to be present, loving, and giving are extraordinary. Allow yourself and all who you love to receive this intimate healing connection with gifted healers.”
Doug McGhee, Mortgage Broker, Denver